DyBit: Dynamic Bit-Precision Numbers for Efficient Quantized Neural Network Inference

This paper has proposed a novel hardware-aware quantization framework, with a fused mixed-precision accelerator, to efficiently support a distribution-adaptive data representation named DyBit. The variable-length bit-fields enable DyBit to adapt to the tensor distribution in DNNs. Evaluation results show that DyBit-based quantization at very low bitwidths ($

An Energy-efficient Deep Belief Network Processor Based on Heterogeneous Multi-core Architecture with Transposable Memory and On-chip Learning

This paper presents an energy-efficient DBN processor based on heterogeneous multi-core architecture with transposable weight memory and on-chip local learning. In the future, we will focus on ASIC implementation of the proposed DBN processor in a GALS architecture with a 7T/8T SRAM-based transposable memory design to solve the bottlenecks and further improve throughput and energy efficiency.

In Situ Aging-Aware Error Monitoring Scheme for IMPLY-Based Memristive Computing-in-Memory Systems

To solve the aforementioned issues of the program-verify scheme, a novel in-situ error monitoring scheme for IMPLY-based memristive CIM systems is proposed in this paper.

Efficient Design of Spiking Neural Network with STDP Learning Based on Fast CORDIC

This paper presents a novel CORDIC based Spiking Neural Network (SNN) design with on-line STDP learning and high hardware efficiency. A system design and evaluation method of CORDIC SNN is proposed to evaluate the hardware efficiency of SNN based on different CORDIC algorithm types and bit-width precisions.