DyBit: Dynamic Bit-Precision Numbers for Efficient Quantized Neural Network Inference


To accelerate the inference of deep neural networks (DNNs), quantization with low-bitwidth numbers is actively researched. A prominent challenge is to quantize the DNN models into low-bitwidth numbers without significant accuracy degradation, especially at very low bitwidths ($<$ 8 bits). This work targets an adaptive data representation with variable-length encoding called DyBit. DyBit can dynamically adjust the precision and range of separate bit-field to be adapted to the DNN weights/activations distribution. We also propose a hardware-aware quantization framework with a mixed-precision accelerator to trade-off the inference accuracy and speedup. Experimental results demonstrate that the inference accuracy via DyBit is 1.97% higher than the state-of-the-art at 4-bit quantization, and the proposed framework can achieve up to 8.1$\times$ speedup compared with the original model.

In IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Inte-grated Circuits and Systems

This paper has firstly been accepted as a poster in DAC 2023.

Jiajun Wu
Jiajun Wu
PhD Student

My research interests include Hardware accelerator, reconfigurable computing and computer architecture.